Centre point, even

in the middle of nowhere.


DRK Assistance!

Always close and personal.

When a job takes your colleagues to the other side of the world, we take care of their medical safety from the outset. If you're planning a project in the middle of nowhere, we plan everything in advance. And we'll keep a cool head if the travel bug that you promised your customers turns into a tropical bug. We are German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance and we're by your side, wherever you are.

Ten achievements - one goal:

The assistance organisation that is
always by your side.

  • We practically invented logistics.
  • We build accommodation wherever it’s needed.
  • We offer worldwide retrieval.
  • No job is too large for us or too small.
  • Help always there wherever it’s needed, including medical.
  • Having enough manpower is never a problem for us.
  • We expect the unexpected.

    The best emergency plan is the one you don’t need. The second best is based on our local knowledge. Analysis of on-the-ground intelligence in conjunction with our decades-long experience...
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  • We make risks measurable.

    Only when you clearly recognise a hazard can you accurately and effectively prepare yourself for it. This is what makes our local knowledge so valuable: We know the health-related risks in the region...
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